Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's Cleaning Day

Well, today is cleaning day at our house.  Actually today is the day the cleaning ladies come, which means we spent the evening cleaning the house last night.  That may sound funny to some of you, but we need to red up (Pittsburghese for "straighten up") before the cleaning ladies come so that they can actually clean.

The Enginerd took D-Ro took hockey last night, so K-Lo and I were in charge of cleaning up.  All-in-all it isn't too difficult, we really just need to de-clutter.  We were upstairs, and while I was straightening up one room, K-Lo was picking up clothes and putting them down the chute.  She came in to tell me that she had found a great use for a spare hockey stick.  What might that be?  She was jamming clothes down the laundry chute with it!  Ugh!  Sure enough - she plugged up the laundry chute!    

While she was unplugging the chute, I was in D-Ro's room trying to figure out where to start.  Please do not post comments telling me that I should make him clean his own room!  I am not an idiot - I know that, but desperate times call for desperate measures!   The messiest person in our house is D-Ro - he is a little piggy!  He has a huge bedroom, and most of the time there is a path from his door to his bed. 

A few months ago, I bought him a key chain that made all kinds of farting sounds.  Yes - you read that correctly - D-Ro has an obsession with disgusting body sounds (like most little boys), and so I made his day and bought him a keychain that made a variety of these sounds.  I think he actually nominated me for Mommy of the Year that day!  Anyway, that little device has been hiding somewhere around his chest of drawers, and every now and then, it would just go off for no apparent reason - this has been going on for about 2 months now.  For instance, one night, I was tucking him in bed, and that little device ripped one.  As I was cleaning up his room, it starting tooting - over and over.  It was no longer random, so I pulled the area around the dresser apart, and found the little sucker.  It won't be bothering us anymore.

As I ripped it apart, I wondered to myself what the cleaning ladies thought the first time that thing went off when they were in his room.  Ha ha! 


Gay Vaughan said...

Haha...exactly why I no longer have a cleaning lady! It was too much work for me. Stopping in from SITS...have a great day and weekend!

More Than A Mom said...

I miss my cleaning crew - it MADE me put stuff away but I they got the really deep cleaning done. Now I"m the cleaning crew and the tidy-er-upper.

Where did you get the fart key chain? I know a little boy who'd love that!

P.S. Stopping by from SITS.

Chatterbox said...

You guys seem to have lot of fun with that funny sound key chain.

I know setting the house to a presentable state before the cleaning ladies arrive can be quite a challenge.

Loved your colorful entertaining blog.

Hope to stay in touch :)


The Professional Family Manager said...

I thought I was the only one who cleaned before the cleaner came. :-) My kids used to get so irritated that they still had to pick up when I was paying someone else to do it. They didn't get that she was there to clean, not move their stuff.

I miss the days of having a cleaning lady. Now it's just me again. I'm ashamed to admit she did a better job than I've ever done.

Joanna said...

Oh, I haven't had a cleaning lady since I was 8. I still miss Sue...