Friday, February 26, 2010

Feel Good Friday!

Well its Feel Good Friday over at The Girl Next Door Grows Up.

So I thought I would list some things that made me feel good this week.

  • My son had a book project due today, which I found out about on Wednesday.  He worked on the project, and needed no help!  He typed a bunch of information about the book, and made a big poster board with his book summary and some beautifully drawn pictures.  He didn't ask for any help - I was so proud of how he took the initiative and responsibility to get this done on his own.
  •  Along those same lines, my daughter completed her spelling assignment on her own, and presented it to me Thursday morning.  She did a fantastic job - so creative!  Again, I was so proud!
  • Sunday, my son and I spent the afternoon together.  We went grocery shopping and out to lunch.  It was a wonderful time, and the perfect start to the week.  Just some Mommy/D-Ro time!  I loved it!
  • This morning, my daughter got up and the first thing she did, was kiss me and tell me she loved me!
  • We had very little snow this week and we actually saw the sunshine a couple of days here in the Burgh!  What a nice change!
Have a great weekend everyone!


    Law Momma said...

    Aw, yay for feel good Friday!

    Andrea said...

    Oh, it does feel good when they take initiative and do things on their own right? I hope there's not a lot more snow headed your way.

    Rebekah said...

    Yay! Lots of warm fuzzies here!

    The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

    Those are great things to feel good about :-)

    If my daughter woke up and told me she loved me with a kiss, it would mean she had a high fever! SHe usually wakes up talking 90 mph unless she is sick, then she is always snuggly and lovey!

    I like your blog! I am following you now. BTW, in your profile you said that you had the urge to swear - I laughed! I have that urge too, but I don't fight it!

    THank you for doing FGF!

    LPTrainerMom said...

    If you send me some of the "kids taking the initiave" vibes, I will send you some Florida Suhshine vibes!!!

    AngieB said...

    That sounds like a good week! Sometimes it's the little things that can make all the difference, isn't it? Have a great weekend!

    tickledpinktwice said...

    Boy I love when my oldest can do her work without help. I really think she should be able to almost all the time but I really think she just likes me to sit and help just because.

    And yeah for no snow though we are supposed to get another few inches here this weekend. Where is spring?

    purplume said...

    Thank you for sharing. I am loving all this upliftment. Have your bst day ever.

    Ruby said...

    oh boy I dread the days when I too will find out we have a book report due in three days lol I love that your daughter gave you a hug and kiss first thing in the morning :) thats so sweet! Happy friday!

    Housewife Bliss said...

    love the feel good factor, and the fab new blog design!