Monday, February 15, 2010


I am married to an Engineer.  I have a degree in Engineering as well, but have forgotten everything that I learned in college (except of course how to do no-handed shots).   The Enginerd has informed me that there is a very small window of time each month when I am actually not opposed to having sex.  He has calculated this period of time using the following formula:
This formula boils down to a 36 hour period of time each month.  He tracks this time religiously!  He can pin point the time within +/-30 minutes, and he lets me know when it is coming, just so I know he knows.

Ironically, this month the time fell right on Valentines Day morning.  So he had a lovely Valentines Day.  

Now we are back to having hall sex which is where we just say "F-you" as we pass each other in the hall.  He is already calculating next months time.

Happy VD everyone!  


The Mommyologist said...

LOL!!! I've had quite a bit of that kind of sex myself! :)

Kelly said...

Hilarious! I'm guessing this is his way of saying he wants more?

Thanks for participating in Connect MEme Monday!

Law Momma said...

Hahahahahahaha... that was just what I needed today. Thanks for the laugh. Great blog as usual! :)

Shell said...

OMG how funny! :)