Monday, February 8, 2010

We survived the Snowpocalypse!

Well we dug out of the snowstorm, and now the kid are enjoying a couple of days off of school.  Actually I did no digging - I would prefer to hibernate for the entire winter, but the Enginerd and the kids work all day on our driveway.  I thought I would share some pictures.

This is the view from our back door onto our deck.  I know we are supposed to have the awning taken down for the winter, but we never have.  It was here when we bought this house, and we never knew who to call.  We are now waiting for it to cave in from the weight of the snow.  The Enginerd put some supports under it to try to keep it from ripping off of the house

This is a picture when we opened our garage door after it stopped snowing on Saturday morning.  Notice, the cars in the driveway and not in the garage.  Grrrr!  We have a 2 car garage and there is crap on either side and in the middle with a path to each garage door.  We have never parked a vehicle in this garage, and I suspect we never will.

Finally after shoveling and plowing all day, my son was king of the hill.  He was having a great time wearing his Dad's snow shoes. 

I finally ventured out of the house for the first time this morning.  Our municipality, Murrysville, PA did a fabulous job of cleaning off the roads.    But I must say that people just need to SLOW down!  The roads are pretty clear, but every now and then, 2 lanes narrows down to about 1 1/2 lanes.  There really is no need to fly like a bat out of hell and put everyone on the roads at risk for an accident!   Fortunately I don't have any reason to go into Pittsburgh because everyone and their brother was bitching about the road conditions in the city. 

As there is another snow storm headed this way, we went to the Big Bird (our local grocery store which is really called Giant Eagle) tonight for bread and milk.  I don't know what it is like in other parts of the country, but in the Burgh, when there is snow coming, you go get your bread, milk, and toilet paper whether you need it or not!

Tomorrow will be a super fun day because I will be attending our 2010 company kick-off.  Oh they are pulling out all the stops on this one - the Asylum is having an all out affair at the Doubletree hotel to celebrate 2010.  They were so sure we would all flock to this meeting that it is mandatory.  I am sure I will have lots of fun things to vent about tomorrow.


Lydia and Kate said...

I love your blog! We surviced snowpocolypse only to get ANOTHER one three days later. AWESOME. Still digging out. So glad you live somewhere you actually get plowed - we're not so lucky. So I will be trapped in my house for another FOUR DAYS (no school) with the little terror suspects.
Oy. Just pour another glass.
xo, Lydia

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Glad you made it out of the snow! My husband was snowed in in DC, and he just made it home. Thanks for the comment!! Count me as a new follower!!

Pchanner said...

We barely survived in Maryland. We had a somewhat plow job but still wasn't easy getting to work this morning. And now my husband, 5 month old son and I all have the flu.