Saturday, March 13, 2010

Big Ben...

I have something to say to Ben Roethlisberger...

Where to begin??  Oh yes - WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU??

Pittsburghers overlooked your alleged encounter last year... Seriously why did the alleged victim wait an entire YEAR to report anything?? 

However circumstances are a little different this time.  I love the article on KDKA where Ben "concedes that he did have contact with the woman that was not consummated and that afterward the woman slipped and fell, injuring her head." 

Um - Ben -  your penis in any orifice of this girl is a little more than "contact"! 

Ok - maybe I am being too harsh - maybe you really didn't do anything inappropriate, I mean we do have this little thing here in the US called "innocent until proven guilty" right?

But there does seem to be the appearance of impropriety - isn't that somewhere in your contract??  Why are you hanging out with college co-eds?  Aren't you like 30??  GROW UP!  Art Rooney Sr is turning over in his grave right now!

Get new handlers Ben - people who are going to guide your immature ass.  Those 2 off-duty police officers hanging with you are not doing a very good job!

Pittsburghers are all upset about this now.  But as Emilio has pointed out to me, as soon as you throw your first touchdown pass, everyone will forget about this.  Sad really. 

There is a little saying, "Fool me once - shame on you; Fool me twice - shame on me!" 

I am anointing your arrogant ass with an award Ben. Wear this with pride - you have earned it!


ELLevarse said...

oh man... i agree. once, okay i get it, the girl probably wanted attention. but again? a year later?????? dude you're such an ass!

he needs to stop putting himself in these situations. not saying don't go out and have fun with friends, but watch where you are going and who you talk to while there!!

people are looking for him to mess up! and he does, over and over!

Law Momma said...

Yeah. Plus, I live in Middle Georgia. I've been to Milledgeville. There is nothing there. WTF was he doing there?!?!

Joann Mannix said...

Hi there! Happy Sits Day.

I couldn't be more with you. The first time, the credibility issues were too deep, but twice, Ben, twice?

And you know what strikes me? Anytime you see a picture of him, he's even more massive than I imagined him to be. He had the world on a silver platter. He is vile.

Beth Tyrrell said...

Happy SITS day!

Agreed!!! And I adore the Steelers too.. shame

~*Jess*~ said...

Famous stars with all these little girls is the stupidest thing ever. What do they THINK will happen? (Attention!! between Twitter, Facebook, the Tiger aftermath with all them getting famous, etc) He's totally bringing crap to his team and his family. What a dummy.

purseblogger said...

I just found your blog and I love this post! My husband is a HUGE Stealers fan and we both agree with you on Ben. What a disappointment. But, it is true, once that first touchdown hits, he'll be forgiven. Love that award. I may have to pass one out myself. :)

Barry and Barbara Knister said...

Wait a minute... Milledgeville. Isn't that where Flannery O'Connor lived? Of course! I'm sure I've seen Ben, when not playing, reading on the bench. That's it, he was in Milledgeville on a literary pilgrimage. Some groupie seduced him with a signed first edition. Mystery solved.

Kelley said...

totally agree... sports "stars" get so out of control. why cant anyone just take responsibility for their actions?

Its insane.