Monday, April 26, 2010

Deep Thoughts n'at

Random ramblings today:

  • I have accepted a position with another company and will be leaving the asylum.  But not to worry, I know many people at the new company, so I am sure it will be just as crazy there!  However, since accepting this new position, I have been so motivated at home.  I have actually been getting up early and doing laundry and straightening up the house.  Shocking I know!  It's amazing what this little change has done to pick me up out of my rut!
  • I kicked the laundry fairy's ass this weekend!  It was a hard fought battle, but I was victorious!  For those of you unfamiliar with the laundry fairy, head over the Kate and Lydia's blog Rants From MommyLand to learn more - you can click here and here for some awesome funniness about the laundry fairy! While beating the laundry fairy to a bloody pulp, I learned that my daughter no longer wears matching socks.  EVER.  This has contributed to the pile of socks that appear to have no match.  So, now I just throw her socks into her drawer un-matched, and let her sort it out. 
  • Hubby and I had a lovely anniversary celebration...  Grandma took Satan and Lucifer for the afternoon and night.  Hubby planted his ass in the recliner, and I planted mine on the couch, and we drank heavily while watching the Pens play Ottawa.  Then for old time's sake, I latched onto his neck like a leach, and gave him a sucker bite (it should be hidden by his shirt).  Well when hubby realized what was happening, he started wrestling like John Cena - during the struggle to remove me from his neck, I seem to have pulled a muscle that spans my neck, shoulder, and back.  That didn't happen when we were 16!
  •  My 7-yr-old daughter is the most thoughtful, sweet, kind, and generous person I know!  I have always thought she was an old soul.  She says very mature things for a 7-yr-old.  So the other night we were watching American Idol - actually she was watching and I was reading a book.  They were having some kind of benefit for multiple charities, and apparently they were talking about helping children in other countries who are underprivileged or orphaned.  So K-Lo decided we needed to adopt a child from one of those countries.  And she didn't mean that we should send money.  She wanted to bring a child here to live with us.  While I was so touched by her compassion, I tried to delicately explain to her that we couldn't just adopt a child - Mommy and Daddy just can't take care of another child right now.  So she said she would take care of "it".  To which I said, "it" is a person!  She is so sweet!  She has brought this up a few times since then, trying to talk me into this.  
  • My sister is scheduled to be induced tomorrow, if she doesn't go into labor sooner.  This will be her first child.  And she is clueless (weren't we all??)!  I am so going to enjoy watching her mental decline! 
  • Emilio is my super bestest BFF!  He is such a nut, drinking and texting with me during the Pens game!  Saturday night drunken texting and tweeting has become my new favorite past-time! We are planning our next book club for anyone who will be in the Burgh - not sure of the exact date yet, but I will keep everyone posted.  If any of you are interested in learning more about Emilio, you can link over to his blog here.  I also have a link in my sidebar.
  • I have removed my daughters Ben Roethlisberger jersey from her wardrobe!  I will not allow any piece of clothing with his name to be worn by my children.  He is a filthy disgusting douchebag, and I don't frankly care that he wasn't charged or convicted of assaulting the young lady in Georgia.  I am so worked up about this that I had a dream I was in Lima Ohio which is Roethlisberger's hometown.   I had the misfortune of spending 2 weeks in that town during my first job out of college - I suspect that he was probably about 10 years old at the time.  Go away Ben!  Pittsburgh is too good for you!
  • I bought the Reebok EasyTone tennis shoes.  Relax they are not butt-fugly like the Shape-Ups.   These shoes are supposed to tone my legs and ass.  Yes - I fell for the marketing gimmick!  Honestly I don't think there are any muscles in my ass.  I have never been able to figure out how to "squeeze my glutes" unless I reach back there a grab a handful!   Anyway, I will let all of you know if I notice any difference wearing these shoes. 
Thanks for listening to my ramblings today!  


      Law Momma said...

      BAHAHAHA I love that you pulled a muscle while trying to give your hubs a hickey. You are my hero.

      And I agree about Big Ben. What a loser.

      Pamela said...

      Her "mental decline"? Hahahahaha! I couldn't have said it any better. Also, Satan and Lucifer? Man I love you!

      The Mommyologist said...

      I have been so curious about those shoes so let us all know for sure! They are way cuter than those orthopedic looking things.

      And that is just too cute about your daughter! Love the innocence of kids!

      Ivy and Haley said...

      Oh my goodness - good luck to your sister!

      come visit me.


      Kaffeine Addict said...

      Hey !!!

      Any News on your sister...Hope everything went well, I was induced with my first and yest clueless was I too...was in labour for 4 hours didnt even know..just had stomach I thought labour was some magical thing that we were automatically clued into..WRONG !!

      Happy Thursday !!

      hotpants™ said...

      I have those shoes too, but I haven't worn them enough to know whether or not they're working.

      Mommy Lisa said...

      My step-daughter does the no-match sock thing. Has since she was about 12 or 13....she is 17!