Monday, April 12, 2010

I am a Trend Setter!!!!!

Heidi Montag is getting her Back Fat removed!!!!  This was totally my idea!!!!  Check out the article:  

Oh my Gosh!  I have been ranting about my back fat for a couple of weeks.  Now, all of a sudden, Heidi Montag is coming out to say she has back fat and she had it sucked out!  I suspect she has been reading my blog and she checked out her back and realized she is getting back fat. I am guessing the photo above is the after picture.

Now honestly, I didn't even know who Heidi Montag was, but Emilio sent me the article Friday morning, and thought this was such an appropriate topic for my blog!  Emilio had never even heard of back fat until I barged into his office a few weeks ago and told him that I had discovered it on myself.   Now he is realizing the magnitude of this epidemic!

Honestly this is not the first time I have been a trend setter.  This is just like the time I told the Enginerd that computer companies should make their computers in cool bright colors!  Of course he thought that was a totally stupid idea, and he looked at me with that, "whatever you say" look.  About 2 years later, what happened - Apple came out with the colored computers!  Seriously I am way ahead of my time!


Boutique on Feet said...

Visiting from SITS! Love your blog! Come visit sometime!!

Law Momma said...

TRENDSETTER!!!! I love it. Next time I have an idea, I'll just tell it to you so we can make it happen. :)

Ms. Diva said...

Sucking out back fat! What a GREAT idea!!! Don't you wish you had the extra money to that!!!

JillyB said...

You don't just live on the are the edge! I wish I had either the time to work off my all-over-the-body-plus-back-fat or the cash to have it sucked out...or both! Colored computers...brilliant!