Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My kids crack me up...

I am sure you can all relate...  It is so fun to watch your kids personalities blossom as they grow.  My kids both crack me up in different ways.  My son, D-Ro is more quiet, with a really dry sense of humor; he's very thoughtful and perceptive.  My daughter, K-Lo is all out there - loud; says whatever she thinks; very quick witted; to her, rules are mere suggestions.

So I thought I would share some funny exchanges we had this weekend...  As you all know, last week was my first week of work at my new company.  Incidentally it is so freaking quiet in my office - it's like a Think Tank!  There has already been one complaint about the noise from my cube! (whatever - get over it!)

Anyway, after the first week, my brain was fried!  I have never been exposed to so many acronyms and by Friday afternoon I was spent!  So I met hubby and the kids at a local spot called Primantis.  We luuuuuv Primantis!  It is a bar/restaurant where the sandwiches have the cole slaw and fries right on them - yum!  They have other great food too, but I always order the cheese steak! 

Anyway, we took a booth in the bar area, and we were just sitting there waiting for our drinks, when I noticed something at the bar - the bar tender had gi-hugical boobs!  Now one thing you need to know about me - I have a boob fetish.  I have no idea why...  But for as long as hubby and I have been together, I have always pointed out boobs to him.  I just happen to always notice boobs.  I think it must be a jealousy thing, since I am not so well endowed!  So anyway, of course I pointed out the bartender to my husband so he could get a look.  And of course my daughter noticed the boobs too, so she had something to say.  But my son didn't seem to take note.  Keep in mind, my son, who is 9 has yet to show any kind of interest in girls.  But he realized we were looking at something that must be interesting.  So he finally looked up at the bar, and got this little grin/smirk on his face...  I asked him if he saw the bartender, and he turned red and just smiled.  Sooooo funny! 

Then after we stuffed our faces, we went home.  Friday was cleaning day at our house.  We walked into the house and everything was emaculate and it smelled so good!  I said to K-Lo, "Wow it looks so clean and it smells so clean..."  She laid down on the couch and hollered at me, "Stick your tongue out, I bet it even tastes clean!"  Bwhahahahaha!  What a little smart ass!

Love those kids!


Law Momma said...

Your kids are adorable. And HYSTERICAL

Nikki said...

Your kids are way to cute!!! I love the word "gi-hugical" I want to start using it!!
Random question but that restaurant has been on tons of shows on the food network hasn't it?? Because I SO want to go there!! It looks delicious!!!

Erma Reincarnated said...

Hilarious! Great insight and kudos for you for taking some time to enjoy the moment.