Monday, May 3, 2010

My new little nephew!

Woo hoo!  I am honored to present my new little nephew - Baby B.  Born 4/26/10, 7#3oz, 19 1/4" long.

He sleeps just like me with his arms in the air!

My sister is ALL Woman!  No drugs!  NONE!

Incidentally she still seems to be happy and content so the sleep deprivation hasn't caught up with her yet.  


Writing Without Periods! said...

Aw, what is it about babies that make me smile. He's so cute.

Brianne said...

Aw congratulations! He is a beautiful!

Pamela said...

Suck in some new baby smell for me, he's gorgeous!

Nikki said...

Hey, I found your blog through the Purseblogger. I was instantly drawn in by your title!! I LOVE crazy!!
Congrats on the new nephew.
I'm now following!! Hope you'll come visit!!

JillyB said...

He's a beauty! Love new babies...watching them sleep is heavenly!

Nikki said...

I left you something over at my blog!!

Kaffeine Addict said...

He's Awesome...and the good thing about nephews, nieces and grandchildren is can give them back !!

Happy Saturday xx