Monday, May 10, 2010

Week in Review

Good Morning everyone!  Happy Mothers Day!  I know Mothers Day was yesterday but I am celebrating today.  Why - you ask??  Well every year, I ask for the same thing for Mothers Day, and that is to be left alone.  Yesterday, I did not get to be left alone, and my kids were in super rare total jag-off mode!  So today is all mine!

Let me bring you all up to speed since I was a little absent last week...  I resigned from the Asylum and my last day was Wednesday, 5/5.  But on Monday, I apparently ingested some type of food borne illness that lingered until last Friday.  Seriously, I ate NOTHING from Monday night until Friday at noon.  Ok - that's not true - I think I ate 12 crackers on Wednesday evening.  I have never in my life gone for so long without eating.  And I still have very little appetite, but now I think I am just a nervous wreck about starting my new job tomorrow.

The good news is that I think the lack of food shrunk my back fat!  But I wouldn't recommend this method for back-fat-shrinkage long term!

Thursday I went to visit a friend who has 3 month old twin baby boys.  The boys were born 10 weeks premature, so they are actually like newborns now.  I spent the entire afternoon sniffing baby head!  What a drug!  Love that smell!  I haven't held a little baby in so long.  So I really enjoyed just holding and walking and talking to those little guys!  I forgot how awesome it is to just snuggle a little one! 

Friday I had a date day with the hubby.  I actually ATE lunch that day.  But the best news was that hubby and I jumped into this century and got iPhones!  Love them!  We also got a new smart phone for our home number (we haven't had a land line for years, but we keep a spare cell phone at home for the kids or babysitters or whatever).    So now I am routinely getting text messages from my kids while they are downstairs and I am upstairs. 

Saturday night I went to a jewelry bash to support the boosters club for my nephews high school volleyball team.  It was a fantastic fundraiser where there were raffles and bingo.  Unfortunately the fundraiser was right smack in the middle of the Penguins play off game, so Emilio sent me the score occasionally so I would know what was going on.   I won Pirates tickets at the event, so it was totally worth my time!  Even though the Pirates really suck, we love going to the games.  

Then Sunday came...  Every year, my family knows that the only thing I want for Mothers Day is to be left alone!  Apparently that was not an option yesterday.  We ended up spending the afternoon and having dinner with the out-laws.  Actually spending the afternoon with hubby's family was fine, but my kids were just really pushing my buttons all day.

So today is my last free day before I start my new job tomorrow.  I really am nervous about this change.  But it is a good kind of nervous.  I am starting the day getting the kids on the bus, and writing this blog post.  Then I am having lunch with a friend from the Asylum - I didn't get to talk with him much last week, so we agreed to meet for lunch today.  Then the afternoon is totally MINE!

I love these kinds of afternoons!  I am going to go to the bookstore, and just look at all different kinds of books; sit in the mall and watch all the people; window shop; drink a cafe mocha if my stomach can handle it...  Basically do whatever I want or nothing!   Hopefully this little bit of downtime will settle me down for tomorrow. 

I'll keep all of you posted on the new job this week.


Law Momma said...

Can we trade days??? I want a day to myself.

Enjoy yours, lady... you've earned it!

Gail said...

Good luck with the new job and ENOY your day:)

Kristy said...

I love those kinds of days! The best thing for me is alone time as well. My husband is this social the-bigger-the-group-the-better kind of person and just doesn't understand my need for time and space! And sounds like a pretty good week once you were feeling better. Good luck at your job!

hotpants™ said...

Enjoy your quiet time AND good luck with the new job.

Nikki said...

I love smelling babies!!!
Good luck with the new job! Keep us posted!!

JillyB said...

Mmmmmm! Baby smell. Love it! Good luck with the new job. What a perfect way to hit the restart button with some good quality alone time. I love those days, or afternoons, or hours...what ever form they may come in!