Friday, August 27, 2010

Well it final happened...

Remember a couple of weeks ago I mentioned I was only mildly pissed off??  Well, I have reached my breaking point and am now completely pissed off!!

I was with the Enginerd for 25 years...  Yes - you read correctly 25 YEARS!  So we have been through alot together...  And I KNOW he is a good person at heart, and I thought that he knew that about me.  I also thought his family knew that about me. 

But yesterday I read an email that I was not supposed to see in which the Enginerd called me a "stupid bitch" because I didn't make my daughter try on her new school clothes BEFORE the first day of school.  And my soon to be ex father in law replied with (and I quote), "What is wrong with her?  I guess she doesn't give a shit."

For the record, I TRIED to get our very strong willed daughter to try her clothes on before the first day of school, and I DO give a shit...  (Thought I should throw that in just in case there was any question!)

Why would such an email exchange like this even bother me?  I will tell you why...  I have an enormous amount of respect for my Father-In-Law.  He is a good man!  And when I was really down and out many years ago, he and my Mother-In-Law were there for me (this was long before the Enginerd and I got married).

Don't get me wrong, we have had our share of disagreements - no doubt.  But underneath all of that, I thought of him as a true fatherly figure.  So when I saw that email, I completely broke down.

It was bad enough that the Enginerd called me a "stupid bitch", but honestly I can deal with that...  He is mad at me - he is going to be mad at me for a very long time.   The comment by my Father-In-Law cut like a knife.

But the story doesn't end there...  A couple of weeks ago, the Enginerd and I went to my therapist together.  He wanted to talk about some things, and that is a safe environment that I suggested.

During that session, he made his "last ditch effort" at a reconciliation.  He claimed that his family is behind us and will be supportive if we choose to get back together.  Really??  Not that I was considering a reconciliation, but that email didn't sound very supportive to me.

Then, the Enginerd took our children to Florida for a vacation for a week, and during that entire time, I couldn't get him to return my phone calls...  I had to practically order him to have the kids call me.  The entire week was extremely upsetting to me.

So I have a letter to the Enginerd...

Dear Enginerd:
     I am done with your mind games.  I realize that you are upset and I am equally upset.  But I am done allowing you to take advantage of me and this situation.  I will continue to make sure the kids call you every night when they are with me, and I hope that you will keep your word and do the same when the children are with you.
     I would like to remind you that you are not to malign me to our children.  And I would urge you to make sure your family understands that.  I will continue to cooperate with you regarding any aspect of our childrens lives - we both love them and they are the priority.
     However, I have decided that trying to be "fair" with you regarding a financial settlement is not working.  I think we should probably be sure that we are splitting our assets equitably and I am investigating exactly how we can do that. 
     Regretfully, Me   

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop

Well I haven't participated in some time, but I just had to take a few minutes today to join in Mama Kat's Writers Workshop:

Mama's Losin' It

The prompt I have chosen to address is #3...

The most unbelievable blue eyes you’ve ever seen…

As soon I as I saw this prompt, I knew who I would write about - my beautiful daughter K-Lo.  She is the only one in our family with blue eyes, and they are just beautiful!

Ok - so her eyes are closed here, but I LOVE this picture of her - I think it was the last time she was quiet!

I just love gazing into her beautiful eyes!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Post it Note Tuesday....

Well friends - I haven't posted in awhile...  I have been busy trying to remain calm while dealing with my soon-to-be-ex.

I dedicate this Post -It_note Tuesday to the Enginerd...  Pretty self-explanatory I think....

I feel much better now!