Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fall is here...

In my book, it is officially fall!  And I can't tell you how happy I am that it is finally here!   Both of my kids are participating in fall soccer and swimming this year, and I am really looking forward to going to their games and meets and cheering them on.

I am preparing for a trip to California for work...  I am fortunate that my company is based out of Sunnyvale and I am going next week for some training sessions.  But I have never been to California so I am heading out a few days early to check out the sites!  And I can't wait!  I will be staying in San Francisco for a few days. 

So I need some suggestions for great places to eat, and sites I MUST see!  Please let me know - I am totally clueless with no plan (other that Alcatraz - those tickets are already reserved!)


Law Momma said...

I have no suggestions... I just wanted to say HAVE FUN!!!

Oh wait... go see Ghiradelli. Mmmm, chocolate.

Bink said...

Pier 39 with all the sea lions is absolutely amazing!

Also, brunch at 1300 on Fillmore was amazingly good. If you like jazz music, you might hit them for dinner. I only did brunch and it was delightful!

Ms. Diva said...

Alcatraz! And Ghiradeli! I love SF! It is one of my favorite places ever!!! My sister lives up there so I get to go often! Have fun!

Gail said...

I've never been, but my husband's cousin has, and this is the list that she gave another friend of mine when she went...

Places to go:
The Cliff House - http://www.cliffhouse.com/
The Buena Vista (bar/restaurant where Irish Coffee was "invented")
The Presidio (former army base overlooking the Bay and G.Gate Bridge)
Beach Blanket Babylon (a fun burlesque musical that is topical) http://www.beachblanketbabylon.com/
Areas to walk through - China Town, North Beach (italian area - great restaurants)
Ghirardelli. The Warf is ok, but super commercial touristy. I do love going to Alcatraz!
They really don't need to rent a car unless they plan on going to Napa or Muir woods. It is easy to just walk or cab everywhere. Having a car is kinda a pain and the driving is crazy!

We love going to the restaurant (Helmund) it is an Afgani restaurant and has really good food! I can think of a bad meal that I have had there, but I would stay out of the Warf for dining.

Jenn said...

The Warf is super touristy, but it's fun to walk around...You also simply cannot miss the extreme goodness of Ghirardelli's...Have a blast! ;)

Kristy said...

You sound so excited - that is great! Love a new season, every change, feels good, the body feels ready for it.

Beth Dunn said...

Hope you had fun in Cali!


I think that parts of Alcatraz would creep me out....where people go and simulate being in the cells and if there is a lot of death depicted. Also, anything to do with hauntings.