Thursday, February 17, 2011

Size does matter?

So I snore...  Well that is what I am told anyway...  For a long time I was convinced that Satan and Lucifer were conspiring against me, and just pretending that I snore in an effort to see if they could drive me further into insanity.   Then they got El Director on board, and he told me I snored.

One night I got the bright idea that I would record myself on my iPhone all night long to catch myself snoring.  What happened instead is that I think I crashed my iPhone...  I am not sure if the 7 hour 47 minute recording had anything to do with it - I just know that right after that recording, the iPhone suffered a horrible death.  I never got to listen to that recording, so I still have never heard myself actually snore.  I am just taking the word of some very questionable characters!

I do know that I wake up every. single. night.  And I am starting to think that I actually wake myself up snoring.  So El Director had a bright idea that I should try some nose strips, and he happen to have some for me to try - they were Target brand.  And I must report that the first night I wore the nose strip, I slept soundly all night long, for the first time in as long as I can remember.  I tried the Target nose strip a second night, and sure enough, I slept great!

So I stopped at the Rite Aid one evening between running to soccer and swimming and I bought a box of nose strips - they were Rite Aid brand.  And that night, I used one.  But by the next morning, the strip was missing - I still have not located it.  My son did however reported that I did not snore.

The next night, I used another Rite Aid Strip, but I woke up about 4:00 am and tossed and turned after that.  Eventually that strip started lifting up around 5:00 or so.  My daughter wore one of the nose strips that night too (she does have a little snoring problem occasionally).

So that morning, after we were all awake, I said to K-Lo, "I wonder if my nose is too big for the strip??"  Then I went downstairs to get her breakfast ready.

While I am getting her some toast, she is yelling down from my bedroom, "Size does matter Mom!"  Um - WHAT???  She yelled that to me again.  I seriously had no idea WHAT the child was talking about.

I went back upstairs, and she is sitting on my bed reading the box for the nose strips, and it does say on the box that some people require a medium-large nose strip, and I was only using the medium strips.

Hmph!  So basically, my nose is too big for the medium strips!   Apparently size does matter in more ways than one!