Friday, June 17, 2011

9 year old little girl drama...

El Director and I have hired a college student to keep an eye on our kids during the day while we are at work...  This SHOULD be an easy job.  However we have 4 very independent, sometimes loud, sometimes ornery, always mischievous children.  So what SHOULD be an easy job, isn't always so easy.

Take for instance this past Wednesday...  Everyone was actually getting along in the morning after a stressful moment the night before when we couldn't find K-Lo's Bear Blankie...  Fortunately AWA located the Bear Blankie early Wednesday morning, so everyone was happy...  until they went to the pool...

Let me give a little background...  A few months ago, I took AWA to a birthday party for her "friend".    Let's just call this friend "McGuire".  Actually, I am not sure how these two became friends or why AWA still considers this girl her friend.  Their personalities just don't seem to agree.  AWA is so outgoing, talkative, confident...  except when she is around McGuire.  When she is with McGuire she is submissive, and she doesn't stick up for herself.  McGuire seems to like to be the center of attention.  There have been other subtle incidences with her.  So at this point I just don't encourage the relationship.

This particular birthday party was held at an arcade type of place - where the kids get tickets when they play games.  And they collect these tickets to buy prizes.  I left the party for a short time to run an errand, and when I came back, AWA was not happy.  She had given all of her tickets to McGuire because McGuire told her that the tickets were hers since it was her birthday.  So AWA didn't have any tickets left and could get any prizes...  None of the other kids gave their tickets to McGuire.  AWA was pretty upset, and really just wanted to leave.  So we did.

K-Lo feels very protective of AWA...  And K-Lo knew about this incident and has been wanting to have words with McGuire for some time.  (Are you keeping up here - 8/9 year old little girl drama is worse than a soap opera!) 

Fast forward to this week... All of the kids are at the pool, and who shows up...   McGuire!  I really thought the girls had forgotten about all of this (I had forgotten about all of this).  No such luck!  K-Lo decided to tell McGuire a thing or two about her behavior and that she should NOT treat AWA that way.  And apparently in the end, McGuire left crying.  K-Lo did apologize to McGuire before they left the pool.

I came home a little later - get mobbed by the girls - hear this entire story, and am warned that "McGuire's Mom might call you."  Alright, this isn't the first time that K-Lo's brutal honesty has resulted in a parent contacting me!

So honestly, how do I feel about that?  Not very upset!  My daughter routinely stands up to bullies!  She does not like to see people getting picked on.  She is not intimidated by many people, and least of all by a 9 year old little girl.  I am so proud that she is willing to call people out on their behavior!  But I think my hair is turning gray at an exponential rate!