Sunday, September 2, 2012

1 year ago...

Things have certainly changed for us from the way they were one year ago.
  • We had just moved into our new home and were surrounded by boxes.
  • For the first 6 weeks in our new home, we had no functioning kitchen.  The cabinets were installed, but there was no counter top or sink.
  • The kids were stressed about starting a new school, unsure about making new friends and worried about having new teachers.
  • We were eating off of paper plates - lots of pizza - lots of take out.
  • Our garage was completely full - we couldn't park in there - we could barely walk in there!
  • We still owned the Director's previous house, and it wasn't completely cleaned out yet...  We were still trying to figure out what to do with all of the things that remained there.
What a difference a year makes... 
  • We finally did finish cleaning out the other house and sold it earlier this year!  What a load off of our minds!
  • All of our remodeling projects in our new home are complete and the house turned out beautifully!
  • We rented a dumpster and purged all of the junk that we didn't think was worthy of donating.
  • We participated in our neighborhood garage sale in May, and were able to sell a lot of items that we just weren't going to be able to use.
  • We are parking both cars in our garage!  This one is huge!  Both El Director and I like parking in the garage - the was a huge goal of ours for the first year.
  • We are still going through items room by room to clean out things that we just don't use. The office is the next room!
  • The kids made so many new friends at school and were excited to go back this year!  My youngest, who was a little cautious leading up to the first day of school LOVES her new teacher.  We were all a little worried about her as she had a horrible experience 2 year ago with her first grade teacher (I'll write about that in a separate post).  But she came home the first day with the biggest smile on her face!
  • We have all easily adjusted into the fall routine with the bus schedules, soccer practice, and all the other activities hat start this time of year.
El Director and I talk often about everything we were able to accomplish in the past year.  It was an extremely stressful year for us, but...  we did it! 

Friday, March 9, 2012

To add to the crazy...

Hello!  I'm still here!  But my life which has always been a bit crazy has gotten crazier since we have merged into one family.  

I will tell you that when all 3 girls are together, they are absolutely exhausting!  They will drain everyone around them!  From the moment the two 9-year-olds wake up their mouths never stop yapping!  So, we started calling them Blabbey and Twittley - because they never SHUT UP, and most of the time the endless stream of babble is mindless nonsense.

The girls took the whole Blabbey and Twittley thing and ran with it and decided to make videos...  Whatever - it keeps them busy!

So it is my distinct pleasure to present The Blabbey and Twittley Show:

The Blabbey and Twittley show will be a regualr feature here on Big Pot of Crazy.  So please check back for new episodes!