Friday, March 9, 2012

To add to the crazy...

Hello!  I'm still here!  But my life which has always been a bit crazy has gotten crazier since we have merged into one family.  

I will tell you that when all 3 girls are together, they are absolutely exhausting!  They will drain everyone around them!  From the moment the two 9-year-olds wake up their mouths never stop yapping!  So, we started calling them Blabbey and Twittley - because they never SHUT UP, and most of the time the endless stream of babble is mindless nonsense.

The girls took the whole Blabbey and Twittley thing and ran with it and decided to make videos...  Whatever - it keeps them busy!

So it is my distinct pleasure to present The Blabbey and Twittley Show:

The Blabbey and Twittley show will be a regualr feature here on Big Pot of Crazy.  So please check back for new episodes!